Monday, July 9, 2018

Dear youth look out for these jobs

On reading AG KK Venugopal’s submission in court that being an MP is not a full time job, I am endorsing that being an MP and an advocate is the best career in India. As an MP you get the best pay, best benefits without being accountable. As an advocate you can argue your way out. Both in tandem is a dream job.  Both vocations need you to be a good communicator. Hence polish your public speaking and language skills.
I offer Public speaking at a throwaway price. When you become an MP + advocate do be on my side. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

My son

My bambino grew up
And left home
He has two of his own now
Our conversations
Punctuated with the unspoken...
Amused he asked
If the end of the conversation we had reached
How do I convey that in my mind he
Occupies the central role
Dialogues I have, chats I filter
As if talking in person
That when the virtual reality happens
I am at a loss
I long to be in real
fondling his head, call him by nickname
Time leaps by..
He laughs at my home remedies
I want to say.' I told you so'
A pause , a moment
Time has jumped by
He has to make his own choices
For he is a man my son.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Friends during menopause

My mother's generation has friends who came into their lives after marriage. School and college friends hardly existed. Thanks to social media my generation rocks. We have searched and brought our friends back into or lives.
Today my college mates and I had met up over lunch. The lunch stretched into tea time. We are all at a wonderful stage of life, some of us single, some grandparents, some remarried and some parents to University children or just about to be married. We giggled, laughed uproariously so much so that we felt sad to part. Yet when we had to part we parted with promises of having more meetings and chats.
Over so many topics that we shared the topmost discussed was our menopause. It was a relief that we were going through most of the common symptoms like hot flushes, sweating, raging anger etc. Today we felt more bonded.
I also realised how important it is for women to have women friends. We are lucky to have our school/college friends for we can truly let our hair down.
We are going through so many changes as we hit the golden number. It is wise to stay in touch. It is healthy to laugh our guts out. So do not hesitate to call your friend and bond over coffee/tea or a chat.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Leave way for the food delivery

It is not uncommon to see orange, red and black quizzing past you as you drive through the streets of my city.
Earlier it was the ambulance alone that deserved to be given way. But hey these are the food delivery guys. As I drove to work an orange guy almost crashed into me while ared whizzed past. Poor chaps work with minimum safety measures. I have hardly seen any of them spotting a helmet. They risk their necks to deliver food to connoisseur,to the bachelor, to the working woman, to the hungry kid, to the lonely senior citizen and to every other household.
Hey it could be my pizza on its way. So I humbly and respectfully give way. Perspective and self do a tango. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Writing out my feelings

The other day I was very upset. I paced up and down and felt the anger rising in me. I took out my notepad and my Parker pen. I wrote a letter pouring  out my feelings. I then went about my day’s work. By the time I finished three pages of writing I also decided I would hand it over later. At the end of the day it amazed me that such negative thoughts had risen within me. In just half a day my perspective has changed drastically. So would this matter to me in a few days, in a few weeks , months or a year? The answer  was loud and a clear No. I was relieved that I had not typed an email or a message on my phone for I would have hit the send button and then regretted. Would writing help you too?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Remove the stressor

My son had once remarked that if something is stressing me, pause, observe what is stressing and remove the cause. It is a simple but such a powerful statement. Often we know but when someone puts it in the language we understand it becomes easier. I have been practising this as much as possible and obtained relief. This applies to any situation. This morning as I was juggling the reading lamp on my desk I paused to observe why it was not useful to me. I wasn't happy with its current position and was going to stack it away. It has always been on the right side as the desk had several stuff on it. I cleaned out and placed the lamp on my left. Lo and behold it works wonderfully for me.
In our relationships if we can pause, observe and  change our perspective we can up our life and have wonderful moments

Friday, June 8, 2018

RIP Tony Bourdain

It was with great shock I heard of the death of Anthony Bourdain. My cousin wa so upset. He had a special bond with Tony. Tony Bourdain has visited my cousin’s restaurant in the UK. He shared a camaraderie with my cousin. So much so he even visited our native village Thrikariyoor off Kothamanagalam in Ernakulam district. He savoured the delicious food prepared by my aunt. I remember my aunt commenting on his humility. Such a great chef, a master storyteller and globe trotter!  He had everything going for him. At least that is what we thought. Maybe he had and maybe he didn’t.
The human mind is so fragile. Our body is a miracle,our brain a greater miracle but our mind. Where is the mind , what is it? From the time Homo sapiens evolved many a philosopher, spiritualist, guru, poet, scientist and psychologists have tried to unravel the mind. The quest goes on.
Tony’s death- I take the liberty of calling him so as he touched my life indirectly by sharing a slice with my relatives- is a reminder to us. We know not of others, we know not of ourselves.